Women’s Winter Bible Studies

Tuesday morning at 9:30am | Beginning January 11, 2022

Ephesians – led by Diane Taylor · room 202 · $18
An in depth study of Ephesians.  If you think you’re just a cog in a machine, if you don’t know your true identity, then this study is for you.

Wednesday nights at 6:00pm | Beginning January 5, 2022

God of Deliverance – led by Carolyn Coble · room 202 · $18
A study of Exodus 1-18 by Jen Wilkin shows us that Israel’s story is our story.  The same God that delivered Israel also delivers all those He loves.
Jesus and Women in the First Century and Now – led by Sarah Sorensen · room 102 · $18
Join biblical culturalist Kristi McLelland as she transports you back to Jesus’ world, following in the footsteps of the women who came face-to-face with the Living God.

Sunday nights at 5:00pm | Beginning January 9, 2022

No Other Gods – led by Tracey McCoy · room 102 · $18
Identifying the idols in your life and discovering the unrivaled joy and adventure of Jesus being your heart’s ultimate treasure.
Gospel of John, Part 2 – led by Liz Methvin · Fellowship Hall · $20
Learn to walk in Jesus as the Light of the World, and your relationship with Him will become more intimate.
**You do not need to have taken John Part 1 to join**


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