"We are at our best as a church when we are focused on reaching the lost in our city with the gospel of Christ,...When we are helping people grow in their faith and in their discovery of the wonder and majesty of God."

Keith Burkhart Lead Pastor

New Members Class

Enjoy lunch with Pastor Keith and staff as you explore what it means to be a member of FSBC.

Grow Together

Small Groups

Small groups are one of the most important ways that people connect and grow in their faith together.  Whatever your age, stage of life, or interest, there is a small group for you!  

Sunday Morning at 9:15am

Babies-6th Grades // Kids Center 


Sunday Night at 5:00pm

Kids Choir (K-6th Grades) // Kids Center  

Childcare (Babies-PreK) // Kids Center


Wednesday Night at 6:00pm

Childcare (Babies & Toddlers) // Kids Center

Awana/ME (2 yrs-6th Grades) // Kids Center

Learn more about the Children’s Ministry >

Sunday Morning at 9:15am

7th-12th Grades // Rm 240

Sunday Night at 5:00pm

7th-12th Grades // Off Campus // Email our Student Pastor to get directions >

Wednesday Night at 6:00pm

7th-12th Grades // Student Room in the Activities Center

Learn more about the Student Ministry >

Sunday Morning at 9:15am

Young Adults – 18-35 // Rm 104 // Derek Wilkerson

Nearly, Newly Married -age 18-35 // Rm 104 // Michael Tinker

Living the Life -age 20-40 // Rm 104 // Greg Best

Wednesday Night at 7:30pm

Bible Study // Rm 104  *When weather permits, we meet on the Volleyball Courts.

Learn more about the Young Adults Ministry >

Sunday Morning at 9:15am

Bible Fellowship -all ages // Fellowship Hall // Bob Schobert

Warriors for Christ -all ages // Rm 103 // Chris Logsdon

Spanish -all ages // Rm 220 // Juan Ojeda

Lifetime -age 30-50 // Rm 210 // Don Olwert

Wisdom Warriors -age 40-60 // Rm 235 // Dick Torrey

Remarkable Families -age 40-60 // Rm 227 // Roland Pierce

Primetime -age 40-60 // Rm 208 // Matt Stewart

Tour de Life -age 40-60 // Rm 212 // Bob Boydstun

True Vine -age 50-70 // Rm 200 // Dave Holland

Overcomers -age 50-70 // Rm 224 // Lee Newell

Awesome Servants -age 50-80 // Rm 214 // Jim Marlowe

Kingdom Seekers -age 60-90 // Rm 102 // Eddie Downs

Sunday Night at 5:00pm*

1/10-4/11 Grief Share // Rm 101  *this class starts at 3pm  Register here.

1/17-TBD Genesis // Chapel

1/31-5/23 Re|engage // Rm, 227, 238, 240, 244 Register here  *this class is from 5:00-6:30pm

11/3/19-1/11 Revelation Bible Study // Chapel

Tuesday Morning at 9:30am
1/12-(ongoing) FOCUS Older Adult Bible Study // Fellowship Hall
Wednesday Evening  at 6:00pm*

1/13-4/7 Divorce Care // Rm 101 *This class is from 6:30-8:00 pm  Register here. 

1/13-(no end date) Systematic Theology // FH

1/15/20-TBD 2nd Corinthians // Chapel

2/3-5/26 Re|engage // Rm, 227, 238, 240, 244 Register here *This class is from 6:00-7:30pm

Sunday Morning at 9:15am

The True Vine // Rm 200 // Dave Holland

Sunday Night at 5:00pm

10/25-2/1 Overcoming Fear and Discouragment // Rm 102

1st Tuesday Morning of the month at 6:00am

First Tuesday // FH

Wednesday Night at 6:00pm

9/9-12/9 Truth Project // Rm 210

Contact Men’s Ministry > 

Sunday Morning at 9:15am

The True Vine // Rm 200 // Dave Holland

Women in the Word // Rm 202 

Sunday Night at 5:00pm

1/10-3/28 Revelation Part 3 // Fellowship Hall  Books are $25  Register here

1/10-2/28 Seamless by Angie Smith // Rm 202  Books are $15  Register here

Tuesday Morning at 9:30am

1/5-3/16 The Gospel of John Part 1 // Rm 202  Books are $25  Register here

Wednesday Night at 6:00pm

1/6-2/24 Staying Faithful in Difficult Times // Rm 103  No book required.  Register here

1/6-3/31  Revelation Part 2 // Rm 202  Books are $21  Register here

1/6-3/19  Called to be a Keeper // Rm 102  Books are $20  Register here

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Click here to find Connection Group Curriculum for each of our Sermon Series




Volunteer in ministry or join a team

In support of the pastoral staff, will lead and organize a team to collect and process all regularly scheduled tithes, offerings, and gifts. Leads and organizes collections of all special emphasis offerings, missions giving, and special events and worship services. Promotes, leads, and ensures training of three areas of church financial ministry: Stewardship; Generosity; Legacy. Responsible for the recruitment of volunteers to serve on this Team. Will serve on the FSBC Finance Committee.

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In support of the pastoral staff, will lead and organize a team to mobilize the larger church body to provide ministry support through volunteer recruitment, event support and other necessary support. Includes the ministry areas of event set up / tear down, kitchen work, picnic planning, church clean-up day, hanging Christmas lights, parking lot attendants supporting special events, etc

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In support of the pastoral staff, will lead and organize a team to reach out to those in healthcare facilities such as hospitals, nursing homes, and rehabilitation centers. Also responsible for ministry support to temporary shut-ins and permanent homebounds, to include administering the Lord’s Supper

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In support of the pastoral staff, will lead and organize a team to minister to FSBC widows and widowers. Identifies needs of widows and widowers, such as basic necessities of life, transportation, home maintenance, supporting relationships, emergency home repairs, lawn maintenance, and coordinating with and / or advocating for healthcare or social services assistance, etc.

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In support of the pastoral staff, will lead and organize teams to Greet, Pray, Counsel, Follow-up and Outreach. Greeters include worship services, church-wide fellowship activities, concerts, funerals, holiday programs, etc. Prayer and Counsel support includes altar call prayer ministry and meeting spiritual / personal needs. Follow-up and Outreach support includes first-time  visitation and community outreach.

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In support of the pastoral staff, will lead and organize a team to assist church members, other believers within the body of Christ, and then those within the larger community to receive food and aid as appropriate within biblical principles.

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In support of the pastoral staff, will lead and organize a team to mobilize the church body to provide grounds and facility support where needed. Typical areas of required support might include minor construction, renovation, repair, painting, electrical installation, carpeting, cleaning, landscaping, parking lot maintenance, etc.

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To learn how to be part of any of these partnerships, email us by clicking here.

Hope is Alive

Radically changing the lives of drug addicts, alcoholics, and those who love them.


OKC Ambassadors

A baseball program that not only builds the athlete, but equips them with tolls to start ministry right where they are.


Teachers at Tinker Elementary School

Help support our local elementary school.


Bott Radio Network

Strengthening your faith, your family, and your walk with the Lord.


Redeemed Flying Corp

Training individuals to become pilots and aviation mechanics to help meet critical shortfalls in the missionary and general aviation.



City Night of Worship is a ministry that uses area worship leaders from different denominations to lead worship events all over Oklahoma City and beyond.


Jesus House

Meeting the needs of our suffering neighbors and helping those who have nowhere else to turn.

Contact Alfreda to volunteer PEER TO PEER.