May 1, 2023

March 6, 2023

This month continue to stay updated on our most recent events while continuing to connect with your church family through our ongoing outreach of ministry.

Church Wide Events


4 - Missionary Prayer Group

4 - Mission Ignition

9 - Oklahoma Baptist Hymn Sing

11 – Pickleball tournament

11 - Veterans Breakfast

15 - RFC meeting

18 - Missionary Prayer Group

19 - Lifeline to Hope Recognition

31 - OBHC Women of Compassion



1 - Missionary Prayer Group

2 - Deacon Family Lunch

6 - Ladies Craft Group

7  - Good Friday Service

8 - Veteran's Breakfast

9 – Easter Service

11-18 – Dominican Republic Mission Trip

15 - Missionary Prayer Group

16 - Deacon Family Lunch

19 - RFC Meeting

28-29 – Oklahoma Baptist Men’s retreat

29 – Indoor Volleyball tournament


Financial Recap


Core Costs: $29,056

Giving: $33,848

Ministry Budget: 36,981

Vision Budget: $41,509


This Month's Focus

SERMON ON THE MOUNT – Sundays at 5pm

There are perhaps no words penned by man more beautiful than those Jesus spoke in His Sermon on the Mount. If you have not done so recently, read through Matthew chapters 5-7 and let the truth and the power of God’s Word transform you, then join us at the Fellowship Hall or to Room 227 on Sunday evenings at 5pm, where the women and the men, respectively, hold  Sermon on the Mount Precept Bible Studies. The studies are fantastic, the people you will meet there are awesome, and the Word is powerful.


LIVING IT OUT – Wednesdays at 6pm

Do you remember the sermon from last Sunday? You’re not alone. Studies reveal that 95% of church attenders forget what the sermon was about by Wednesday. What are we to do with such a grim statistic? Come to the Fellowship Hall at 6pm on Wednesday evenings! There, you will have an opportunity to discuss the sermon and how to apply it to your life rather than only hear it. We’re Living it Out together!

These, along with other Bible studies, are currently going on so be sure to check out our app to learn more…

Ministry Highlights


Mission Ignition

We had the honor to host the yearly kids Mission Ignition on our campus this past Saturday, March 4th. Several hundred children and their adult sponsors attended. Through multiple rotations, kids were challenged to learn about missions and get involved with it. While at MI, kids met missionaries of all ages, one of who was only 15, and served all around the world in many different capacities. They learned about the areas where these missionaries lived and served, got to see pictures and items from that area, did hands-on activities about the cultures, and some even got to sample local cuisine. The six-hour event had a little of everything, from horses, to inflatables, to learning to pick up food with chopsticks. Each child went home with a head full of new knowledge and a challenge to be on mission right where they live and beyond.

The Redeemed Flying Corps

Recent tornadoes in the Norman area have left damaging effects on various estates throughout the community and the Redeemed Flying Corp was no different. On the evening of Sunday February 26th, the Norman area was hit with high winds which collapsed the structure of a hanger that had been storing a recently donated plane, rendering it unusable. Fortunately this was not the groups primary training aircraft though it is still a hard loss. However, the groups other

aircrafts were safely stored at another airport. The group's executive director, Matt Stewart, requests that God would continue to show them how to use this experience for His glory as they work to further His kingdom here on earth.

Sunday Fellowship

Join us on March 26th for our regular fourth Sunday fellowship at 6pm. This is a consistent time we take one a month to appreciate our church body and catch up with one another. This is the time to be in community with one another while we enjoy the provided food.

Impact weekend

The Weekend of February 3rd, First Southern's Student Ministries hosted their annual Impact Weekend outreach. This was a time for students to connect with their own youth ministry along with fourteen other churches. In all there were more than five hundred students in attendance along with an array of youth pastors from across our area. The word was brought by Caleb Moore along with various breakouts that were lead by youth pastors and staff. Their topics ranged from mental health to evangelism. Outside of the sessions students were lead in various outreach projects in the church and community along with worship services which were lead by Drew Cranford and his fantastic band.

Manly Man Night Overview

Manly Man Night was hosted by our Men's Ministry on Saturday, February 18th with activities including mechanic bull riding, axe throwing and corn hole. When asked for an overall response about how the event went media intern, Conner Collins said, "The Event went really well! It was great seeing the cross generational fellowship and worship take place. I honestly think it’s exactly what we needed to kickstart a ton of discipleship in our men across all ages at our church. I don’t think any man that was there was able to leave without feeling challenged on how they could be more like Christ in their marriages, friendships, workspaces and community." Hank Hough was able to give the message that evening, using his trained dogs for demonstrations and participation in his message.

Women's Ministry

Previously this month, we had a group of 30 ladies who attended Slow Cooker Saturday to fellowship, share some breakfast foods and sample the finished product of the recipes we made.  Each attendee was able to make and take home 4 crock-pot meals with instructions, recipe cards to make them again in the future, a guide to make spice blends, a coupon for a free meal from Crockstar and several door prizes for the lucky winner. We plan to have another cooking event later in the year for those who are interested.

Worship Ministry

Please be continuing to praying for our worship ministry as we continue to work and grow together. Please also keep in mind our Kids Worship as we are needing helpers who are willing to help pour into the kids and be useful through our worship. Music skills aren’t necessarily required to fill these positions but they can be helpful. Our ministry is also looking for donations of electric pianos or guitars if anyone would be willing to donate so kids can learn to play, we would be extremely grateful.

Media Update

Our media & communications team is always looking to improve our platforms and systems to help keep our church better connected and allow easy access to new tools. A lot of what our team does goes on behind the scenes. Lately we have been pushing the limits to what we are capable of and we are all excited about some new changes. In the summer of 2022 we began a new project to update our website. We loved our website we had before but we knew it needed a facelift. With this update we have been able to add some of our church history timeline for you to look at and see what God has done in the life of First Southern. In the summer of 2023 we plan to further add to our media tools that will help us focus on discipleship and missions. We can’t wait for you to see all the new tools we plan to release.

In addition to our new site, we recently released an updated version of our app through Subsplash Inc. This app is your key to connecting. Once you create an account on the app, you have the ability to stay connected with your small group, connection group, or team via the messenger! Through the messenger you are able to chat and send prayer request. You can also use the app to watch livestreams of our service. Additionally we archive past sermons for you to look back at and watch along with family and friends. You can have access to register for events and online giving. We also send out frequent notifications through our app for church wide announcements and alerts. To download the app, visit your App Store and search for First Southern.

Facilities Update


New benches

Earlier this year first southern was able to acquire new benches for the breezeway between the facilities. While the old benches did do their jobs the new addition was a breath of fresh air for this area and we are thankful for all of those involved.

Financial Recap


Core Costs: $29,056

Giving: $33,848

Ministry Budget: 36,981

Vision Budget: $41,509

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